The Plan

Explore the Kaien Island Trail Network Official Plan

The goal of this plan is to clearly lay out the design concept and intention for the trail network. Kaien Trails wishes to facilitate the construction of more trails in the Prince Rupert area.

There are many opportunities to connect with funders in the not-for-profit and private industrial sectors that want to invest in the community to protect ecological resources, enhance recreation and build social capital in the community.

This plan will clearly lay out the intentions of the Society for the trail network concept and will make it easier for other organizations to connect with the Society to build partnerships and support for trail funding and construction.

Download the plan in PDF format.

The Kaien Island Trail Network Official Plan is effective March 2017

The plan was completed through the donation of time and services by Urban Systems Ltd. and McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd. Future revisions of the document will be posted here.

Download the document here.

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