Hitting the ground Running

We're passionate about outdoor recreation in Prince Rupert!

Creating Trails for everyone to enjoy!

In December 2016, the Kaien Island Trail Enhancememt and Recreation Society completed a master plan for a network of interconnected trails, integrating many existing routes which have fallen into disrepair or disuse. The plan was completed through the donation of time and services by Urban Systems Ltd. and McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd. The Kaien Trails organization is also responsible for resumption of the popular Quickclimb timed ascent of Mt. Hays. The annual event restarted in 2015 as a fundraiser for trail development.

Development of a recreational trail network

Guided by the Kaien Trails master plan, existing and newly-built trails will be integrated into a linked systems of routes that connect Prince Rupert's waterfront to its mountain peaks. Our master trail plan has been endorsed by the city and is one of the 7 pillars of the Prince Rupert 2030 Vision that was developed in collaboration with local industry and governments.

Maintenance of trails and facilities

Drawing on sponsor funding, volunteer labour and money raised through society activities, a comprehensive program of trail maintenance will ensure accessibility and safety

Promotion of trail recreation and safety

Through events like the Trailblazer trail run, the Society raises money and awareness for trail development and encourages residents to explore the rainforest on our doorstep

Engagement of other like-minded organizations

Collaborating with local Search and Rescue agencies, Rupert Runners, and other civic organizations and backcountry groups further inland helps make us resilient and innovative
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